Campaigns in Transportation

Innovation Idea

High-Efficiency Motor and Special Transformer Projects

Looking for overseas high-efficiency motor and special transformer projects

Investment Challenge

Automobile Brands for Joint Venture

A qualified Chinese automobile manufacturer hoping to introduce foreign automobile brands for joint venture cooperation to expand market share

Investment Challenge

Mature Automotive Interior Product Companies

Looking for mature automotive interior product companies in Europe, North America or China

Investment Challenge

European Aerospace Parts Related Target

Seeking to acquire European aerospace parts related targets

Investment Challenge

Mature European Automotive Aluminum Parts Providers

Looking for mature European automotive aluminum parts providers

Investment Challenge

Artificial Intelligence (such as AI voice, autonomous driving)

Seeking to acquire or invest in artificial intelligence (such as AI voice, autonomous driving) enterprises with certain technical thresholds and technological levels

Aircraft Parts and Airborne Equipment

R&D manufacturing of aircraft parts, airborne equipment and testing equipment.

Auto Sensor Targets

The buyer is a modern high-tech group company dedicated to the production and development of auto parts.

Smart Car Investment Projects

Intelligent design and machine vision, man-machine interaction, man-machine control, cognitive technology, intelligent bionics, physical network, intelligent hardware, pilotless.

Automotive Components & Electronics & Sensors Related Projects

the buyer plans to invest no more than RMB 500m of owned funds in automotive components, electronics and sensors related targets this year.

New Material For Automotive Interiors

Mainly focusing on small and medium-sized new material (fabric material for making automotive interiors) companies.

New Technologies in The Transport Sector

Looking for new technologies in the transport sector, including but not limited to smart parking, smart city, autonomous driving, nondestructive testing.

Investment Challenge

Rail Transit Related Communications Equipment and Signaling Equipment Projects

Looking for rail transit related communications equipment and signaling equipment.

Investment Challenge

New Energy Vehicle Manufacturers/Car Makers

Seeking to acquire overseas new energy vehicle manufacturers/car makers

Investment Challenge

Industrial Automation Related Complex Equipment Manufacturers

The investor seeks industrial automation related complex equipment manufacturers.