Drug Projects in Early-Phase Clinical Trials With Leading Technology

 A: Domestic and overseas early-phase pre-clinical targets having yet to be listed, or targets that are not ready to be listed for research and clinical trials; B: With no specific restrictions on technology (mainly overseas first-in-class drugs that are not listed in China and can offer a patent licensing opportunity); C: With production instructions; D: Accepting projects in phase 2 clinical trails - 505(b)(2) new drug application, except for tumor drug projects; E: Accepting co-investment with VC firms, mainly focusing on early-stage pharmaceutical projects with VC investment exits; F: Investment amount of within $10m; G: With traditional R&D bases in Europe and the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan; H: Accepting financing cooperation prior to an exit; I: Investment region: mainly Europe and the United States, Russia, Australia, Japan; other regions’ projects in the field of technology also acceptable, depending on investment criteria;

Looking for domestic and foreign drug projects in early-phase clinical trials with leading technology

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