5G Communications Enterprises

1. Seeking to acquire or buy shares in 5G communications enterprises with certain technical thresholds and technological levels;

2. Focusing primarily on Internet of Things enterprises’ technical thresholds and technological levels;

3. Please refer to the measures for administration of China's Science and Technology Innovation Board listing consulting that will be issued soon.

4. Preferring enterprises with invention patents, a relatively wide economic moat and the ability to implement the import substitution strategy or promote domestic production upgrading;

5. Preferring transaction values of below $30m or 150m yuan, investment amount of over $30m or 150m yuan also acceptable through co-investment with shareholders and partners of the buy-side;

6. With no restriction on targets’ profitability (accepting targets that have made profits or have yet to be profitable);

7. Expected investment region: targets that are not subject to CFIUS review and/or approval by other competent authorities in Europe, North America, Asia (Israel) and other regions, or targets that have obtained relevant approval in these regions;

8. Preferring enterprises that have reached the break-even point with reasonable corporate valuation, also considering targets that have yet to be profitable;

9. Investment purpose: to fuel technology upgrading, integration of domestic market, domestic technology transformation, and to obtain investment returns;

10. Preferring enterprises with a certain scale of revenue;

11. Considering purchase of the controlling stake or equity participation

Seeking to acquire or invest in 5G communications enterprises with certain technical thresholds and technological levels

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