Generic drugs & innovative drugs enterprises with higher EBITDA

The buyer is interested in obtaining generic drugs & innovative drugs enterprises' exclusive operation right and patent licensing of products in China, and accepts a small investment on this basis. 1. Financial requirements:with higher EBITDA a) Diversity of intangible assets; b) Requiring a higher EBITDA for financing needs; 2. Valuation requirements: taking P/E ratio as the main indicator, based on comprehensive consideration; 3. Market position (industry ranking): innovation drugs targets ranking first in class or acting as the fast follower; generic drugs targets that have an early launch in China; 4. Both patent licensing of medical devices such as inhaler and drugs having been jointly declared such as Seretide inhaler are acceptable; 5. Considering targets with larger market in size that don't have joint venture in China, excluding the orphan drug market; 6. Investment amount: single investment shall not exceed USD 10M. Multiple investment plans are acceptable. 7. Investment regions: North America, Europe, Australia, Israel, Japan; 8. Long-term effectiveness of the investment criterion;

Looking for generic drugs & innovative drugs enterprises with higher EBITDA

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