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At Cambridge Intelligence we help organizations visualize their data and understand the complex connections within it. From fraud detection to cyber security, we make it possible for analysts to 'join the dots' in their networks, uncover hidden threats, and generate intelligence. Using the KeyLines toolkit, organizations build powerful network visualization web applications quickly, roll them into their existing analyst tools and workflows, and deploy them to unlimited users, anywhere in the world. For organizations, KeyLines provides a low-risk and cost-effective way to add powerful visualization capability to their intelligence products on a white-label basis, including rich functionality, unrivalled performance, and easy scalability. For users, KeyLines provides an intuitive and interactive way to join the dots, bridging the gap between raw data and actionable insight. KeyLines applications are powerful, secure and scalable across global teams. They are also highly interactive and rich in analytical functionality, making it easy for users to get the most insight out of their data. Some of the powerful visual analysis functionality featured in KeyLines API includes: - Automatic graph layouts - Social network analysis measures - Graph filtering - Dynamic graph support - Geospatial graph visualization - WebGL and HTML5 canvas graphics rendering  

Key Benefits 

KeyLines adds value in any scenario requiring the fast and thorough visual analysis of complex connected data. Since 2011 over 150 customers, including national governments and Fortune 500 enterprises, have licensed KeyLines’ functionality, including the UK Government, US Army, Visa, Aviva, Symantec, Cisco and Intel rely on KeyLines for their complex data visualization tasks, accelerating their journey from raw data to critical insight.  


Cyber Security Data Analytics Financial Transactions Communications Records IT Networks   

Visualize your complex connected data in a browser.

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