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Reduces loss from flood and weather events. Enables comprehensive risk management of flood and weather events. Reduces insurance premiums. 

Commercial Companies with a large property estate need to comprehensively understand and manage long term and dynamic risks from flooding and extreme weather. We have developed a digital application to do exactly this. The application is currently used on a daily basis by Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, who are identifying additional opportunities afforded by the application, such as the processing of hyper-localised weather to improve the delivery of roof maintenance and car park drainage services. Furthermore, there are valuable opportunities to use weather data to achieve energy efficiencies. 

The application is also highly suited to insurance companies who wish to expand their brand for the provision of both commercial property and individual home insurance. It enables companies to identify flood risk at property level, view and analyse real time flood and weather related information concerning individual properties. Flood defence equipment at properties can also be recorded.  

Key Functionality of the application includes 

Automated identification of levels of risk from rivers and seas for individual locations 

Automated identification of levels of surface water for individual locations 

Guidelines of locations for the deployment of emergency flood equipment at asset locations 

Geospatial extent of all business locations and parameters, across the United Kingdom 

Analyse and manage all flood mitigation activity, from type to costs at individual locations 

Integration of existing Flood Surveyor reports for specific locations 

Historical Flood dataset of Recorded Flood Outlines detailing flood events at individual locations 

Integration of flood warning information issued by the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales 

Integration of Ordnance Survey Open Rivers dataset of over 144,000 km of watercourses, combined with the integration of over 1,400 Environment Agency River Gauges and their outputs at 15 minute intervals 

Integration of selected UK Meteorological Office Weather Stations, with weather observations integrated every hour and weather forecasts integrated every three hours, up to five days ahead 

Integration of Social Media sources and functionality to manage and search information produced by Social Media 

Integration with existing systems of an organisation through the means of an API. 

The application is suited to commercial organisations with a large property portfolio, which need to manage flood and extreme weather risk. In addition, key local infrastructure assets, such as water, telecoms, electricity and transportation have been tasked to implement long term plans to improve the resilience of service provision. These assets are being guided by a common sense prioritisation model, based on the importance of individual assets to the local community. This application can demonstrably achieve an auditable prioritisation model. 

Enable property estate owners to manage flood & weather risk.

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