New Drugs, Biotechnology, New Medical Services and Medical Devices

The geographical scope of investment targets is not limited to China, but also includes the United States, Israel and other countries and regions with developed medical and health industries.

We hope that the target company will have certain technical strength and entry barrier. And enterprises from start-ups to mature listed companies will be considered for the investment.

The company is a well-known private equity firm specializing in health care, cultural media and financial services. It manages dual-currency funds, i.e. Renminbi and USD, equivalent to USD 300 million. The investors include well-known banks, trusts, investment banks and other institutional investors at home and abroad.

Well-known investment cases:
It is the exclusive leader in the USD 250-million privatizing mergers and acquisitions of a U.S. listed company, with projects across the three capital markets of Hong Kong stocks, American stocks and A shares. The successful exit was accompanied by a profit of more than $100 million, with a net annualized return of 27.41 per cent on a single project basis.

Priority to be given to the potential unicorns in the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies in the pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, new medical services and medical devices.

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