Disposable Anesthetic and Vascular Intervention Equipment Projects For Investment

The buyer is an enterprise approved by the State Food and Drug Administration that specializes in the production of disposable sterile medical devices. Besides focusing on the manufacture and sales of disposable infusion apparatus, venous infusion needle, sterile medical device and the R&D of other medical equipment, the buyer also deals with the following businesses: selling of polypropylene, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS raw materials, packing boxes, packaging bags; transportation of passengers and goods, wholesale and retail of gold products; class II medical devices such as injection & puncture instruments, non-invasive monitoring instruments, blood testing equipment and instruments, equipment/instruments for operating rooms, emergency rooms and diagnostic rooms, medical polymer materials and products; class III medical devices like injection & puncture instruments, blood testing equipment and blood purifier, auxiliary infusion devices, infusion/blood transfusion apparatus and tubes, catheters, drainage tubes, intravascular catheters, medical equipment, medical polymer production equipment, cleaning and disinfection supplies, electronics, computer software and auxiliary equipment, electromechanical equipment; development of computer software and biotechnology; self-running and agency of import and export of all kinds of commodities and technologies (projects subject to approval according to law can be implemented only after approved by relevant government departments).

Seeking disposable & sterile medical devices and technologies for investment, looking for projects of 100-200 million Yuan.

Ben Sloane

10 million Target

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