Asset Management Companies With Operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America

1. Preferably fund companies, small and medium-sized private banks mainly engaged in asset management also acceptable;

2. Targets with AUM (assets under management) of about $500 million (excluding backdoor listed companies);

3. Excluding targets with main revenue from securities trading and independent financial advisory (IFA);

4. Companies having a certain discretionary power on their clients’ assets (requiring no client approval for each investment);

5. Companies with operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific (Singapore, Australia), North America and other developed regions;

6. The existing management is willing to remain in office after the acquisition;

7. Preferred client types of high net worth individuals (HNWI) or institutional investors;

8. Preferring targets with investment experience in Asia-Pacific;

9. Preferring private equity investment (with a certain proportion of equity);

10. Regions: Europe (the UK, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Denmark), Asia-Pacific (Singapore, Australia), North America (Canada, the USA);

1.Publisher: family-run enterprise (direct buyer)

2. Buy-side information: The group is a family-run investment platform established in Hong Kong.

3.Main business and target industry: The group has been traditionally focused on the real estate sector in mainland China, and it is actively exploring diversified investment opportunities around the world.

In addition to asset management companies, the group also expresses interest in targets from the healthcare (mainly specialized hospitals), advanced technology (in commercial operation), consumer goods (agriculture-related products) and other related industries.

Seeking To Acquire Asset Management Companies With Operations in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America

Ben Sloane

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